Workshops and Coachings

I offer a variety of different coachings and workshops.

The coaching gives you as a painter guidance, recognizes your personal potentials, shows development opportunities, it conveys the necessary structure to boost your painting to a new level.

Coaching is a combination of individual counseling, personal feedback, practical exercises.

The Coaching is hands-on and centered on your painting process.

In coaching is all about yourself and your painting. We will find and develop solutions that meet the demands of your painting and suit your personality. A personal coaching is perfect to overcome painting Blockades.

The Group Workshops are designed to show a Group of Painters a large variety of Techniques and my personal methods and techniques,you can choose from almost every topic.

The Workshops are aimed to teach you how and why we create our projects.



If you think you can gather a larger Group of painters in your Hometown and you are willing to organize a class please get in contact with me.

Group workshops are available from 10-16 Students.
It is also possible to organize lager classes 16-30 Students, with two experienced, renoved Workshop Instructors, Matt Cexwish and Myself.

Most requested Topics:
Busts/Largescale Miniatures (54-75mm)/Vehicles/Base Building/Creativity Techniques/Motivation/Group Projects

Virtual Coachings

The virtual coaching is a video session that is designed to answer your technical questions and to give you a feedback of what you can adjust on your current project.

For Information and availability please check my Patreon channel:

Recommended duration

Recommended Days (at least):

  • 1 day: Personal Troubleshooting
  • 2 days: Bust, Largescale
  • 3 days: Figure with Base

Please Note that due to the complex and beautiful nature of the Miniature Hobby, it is not always possible or necessary to complete the Model during the Class. Our goal should be to analyze your current ability and to teach you the tools that you can then use to improve your painting with some practice. It is also guaranteed to be a lot of fun and a very personal experience for both you and me!

Private Coaching

  • includes up to 10 hours of intense private coaching tailored to your needs

Most requested Topics:
Technical Troubleshooting/Loaded Brush/NMM/Metals

450,00 € per Day + VAT (19%) + 2 times the Model that we will paint

Ben Komets Weekender

  • includes more than 20 hours of in-depth tuition
  • including base-building Materials, use of tools, paint etc.

Most requested Topics:
Technical Troubleshooting/Busts/Largescale Miniatures (54-75mm)/Base Building and creating atmosphere in Miniature Projects

800,00 € + VAT (19%) per Weekend per Person (SAT+SUN) + 2 times the Model that we will paint.

Small Group Workshops

  • includes at least 10 hours of Coaching per Day

Most requested Topics:
Busts/Largescale Miniatures (54-75mm)/Gaming Models (32mm)/Base Building

450 € + VAT (19%) for the First Student , 250,00 € + VAT (19%) for each additional Student (max. 3-5 Students total) + Miniatures (1 per Student and 1 per Teacher ) and Travel Expenses in case the workshop is not held in Berlin.