It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.Herman Melville


I was born and raised in the wonderful City of Berlin.
I am a full time Miniature Artist.
Over the last few years I have painted boxarts for various companies such as Nutsplanet, Mierce Miniatures or Thirdman Studios, just to name a few. Many of you know me from my instructional videos over at Paintingbuddha or Miniature Mentor.

I am now working freelance and I founded my own small Miniature Line called “Ben Komets Miniatures”, where I will release models from painters for painters.
If in workshops, personal coachings or on DVD, teaching and talking about miniatures has become a big part of my life, this is why I also started a Patreon Channel of my own to bring you even closer to what is happening in my studio.
Miniature painting changed my view of everyday life. Today I see the world in textures, colors, lights and shadows with the never ending fascination for details.
Also, I am thankful for all the fantastic people I have met. I found some true friends from around the globe. It is amazing how many different people from all kinds of backgrounds you can meet within our little niche, all united by the passion for the art of miniatures.

What makes a good Painter:

I think the most important part of creating “miniature art” is to stay open.
Breath in every bit of inspiration the world bears and transform it into your personal vision.
Never think that you are one of the best, it will prevent you from learning, but always pay respect to your own progression.
Share all your knowledge as teaching will make you understand your own work a lot better. Never stop to observe and learn from other peoples art.

What makes a good Project:

A good project is always telling a story.

A good project is always personal, it should be unique, it should be your view on the world and not only the strive for technical perfection.
The balance between technical perfection and personal vision is important for a good miniature project.

I think only when your mind does not have to think about technical issues, it is free to fully engage with your project and look for details and the story within each piece.

A good project evokes emotions.


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