Do you want to own an original “Ben Komets”?

You are a Miniature Collector? Or you are looking for a Boxart to boost your miniature brand and you want to promote your figure with a world class paint job that will be seen by thousands on social media? Maybe you also want to have a shiny, unique center piece for your tabletop army that is guaranteed to make everyone envious. I am the artist to make all of that happen!


Price Guidelines

The following prices are for a high class paintjob, they don’t include the figures itself or the shipping. It’s no problem to buy almost every model here in Berlin, just let me know.
A simple base will be included, if you want something extraordinary we will discuss that in advance.

I offer commission paintjobs in three different standards of Painting.

  1. Supreme Tabletop Standard 7€ per mm height
  2. Boxart Quality 10€ per mm height
  3. Deluxe Collector Quality 20€ per mm height

Please feel free to drop me an email.

I am more than happy to talk in detail about our possible future Collaboration.